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The Philippine Department of Energy gives a 91% improvement rating for the SunTrac Solar Thermal SmartPanel‘s pilot installation at the DOE Energy Center, with the attached 4-Ton ACU only drawing 1.78 amps and 0.3905 kW.


SunTrac Solar Thermal SmartPanel

The SunTrac Solar Thermal SmartPanel is an energy efficient air conditioning solution that employs a renewable energy method of adding pressure and heat to the refrigeration cycle. This, in turn, reduces the required workload of the compressor and lowers the overall power consumption of the system.

This hybrid-thermal air conditioning system displaces a portion of the mechanical energy used by variable capacity, multi-stage, and variable speed compressors, keeping the compressors in low stage, low range, or low capacity while still delivering full and part-load cooling requirements. As a result, the approach translates to significant energy savings.

energy efficient air conditioning technology diagram

The SunTrac Panel has concentrated parabolic mirrored troughs that allow for a more efficient harvesting of the sun’s energy with a smaller footprint. A photo-tracking eye keeps the parabolas focused on the sun, rotating synchronously with the sun’s movement throughout the day.

Built-in sensors and controls maintain the system’s temperature, delivering a consistent, regulated, and energy efficient air conditioning cycle.


To view the amperage, scroll to the bottom of the page > toggle all/none and uncheck all boxes > select all the CT Amperage boxes. To view all readings, keep all boxes checked. Use the purple buttons on the upper left side of the page to view different data time frames.

Pilot Installation with the Department of Energy
Metro Manila, Philippines

The first energy efficient air conditioning installation with SunTrac in the Philippines: a SunTrac Panel supplements a 4-Ton Daikin inverter unit at the DOE Energy Center in Taguig City, Metro Manila

  • Average amp draw at 1.78 amps, energy savings at 83%
Pineridge Farms
Hawaii, USA

Ten SunTrac Panels supplementing two Carrier commercial splits, a 40-Ton and a 30-Ton

  • With the aid of SunTrac panels, these 40-Ton and 30-Ton chillers operate daily at 15 amps and 12 amps respectively – equivalent to 70% energy savings
JEBSCO Chiller at Honolulu Harbor
Hawaii, USA

Four SunTrac Panels supporting a 30-Ton Carrier chiller

  • The 30-Ton chiller with SunTrac now runs 24/7 at an average of less than 25 amps, with energy savings of 65%


Hydromx is a heat transfer nanofluid that utilizes Nano-Thermo™ technology. It uses nano-particles suspended in a stable state to increase the speed of heat transfer by heating up (or removing heat from) the fluid and transferring energy in a shorter amount of time. This then significantly lowers energy requirements and costs.


A NIDON-designed solar PV and energy storage system works every day, generating a 5-7 year ROI
— the only self-supply solution available in Hawaii, USA that pays for itself.


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NIDON Clean Energy provides clean energy solutions, with a primary focus on sustainable hybrid air conditioning. We specialize in renewable energy system design and integration and offer renewable energy solutions for energy efficiency, energy quality, and energy storage.

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