The first modular water-based energy storage cell

Nostromo Energy’s IceBrick is a behind-the-meter energy storage solution that harnesses water’s extraordinary ability to store energy when changing phase to ice. It creates ice during off-peak hours and uses these capsules to cool the building’s circulated water at peak hours. This dramatically lowers energy consumption from HVAC usage, which accounts for 40% of peak electricity demand.

Unlike most energy storage solutions, it is compact and modular, able to be fitted into any building’s space constraints. By designing it to utilize water as its main energy medium, Nostromo Energy indicates that the IceBrick is completely safe to use and eco-friendly.


86-92% thermal round-trip efficiency
85% full cycle round trip efficiency
94% depth of discharge at 4-hour cycle
< 1% degradation in 20 years

System Components

  • Dimensions: 12 feet x 20 in x 12 in (400x50x25cm)
  • Stored cold energy: 10 Ton hours
  • Volume: 132 gal (500 litres)
  • Discharge rate (stable): 2.5 RT to 4 RT
  • Lithium-ion equivalent (avoided electricity consumption): 8-12 kWh
Energy Thermal Thermal Electric
Suitable for Urban Areas (Behind the Meter)
Retrofit compatible in Urban Areas Limited due to safety
Depth of Discharge (DOD) in < 4hrs 94% <40% 80%
Long-Term Performance (>10yrs)
No Degredation

No Degredation

No Degredation
No Degredation

No Degredation
Resource Abundance


(Supply chain challenges)
Stable Discharge Rate